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May 26, 2023

Probably the best-known cookie in Venezuela and around the world, which also contain a history and a great peculiarity throughout the Venezuelan territory. Used many times to decorate desserts or give a spectacular flavour. They have a great diversity of flavors ranging from traditional chocolate to mint flavoured versions.

What are they?

They are a brand of sandwich cookies created by the American company Nabisco, which is a division of the Kraft Foods company. It consists of being 2 circular cookies joined by a creamy sweet in the center that can be chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or some other flavour, constituting a multitude of varieties throughout the world.

As a curious fact, there is the etymology of its name, which has generated debate among consumers and attracted different theories.

One of them is the name that comes from the French word "Or" and whose meaning is nice or well done. Another is that it comes from Greek mythology, specifically from the ancient city of Oreo.


Where are Oreos from?

The Oreo was created in Chelsea, Manhattan, New York in 1912 by the National Biscuit Company (now Nabisco). The cookie has the characteristic of containing the word Oreo engraved on the surface for easy recognition.

How has Oreo advertising campaign been?

Oreo since its inception has highlighted the fact of dipping the cookie in milk, as well as opening it, licking the cream, closing it, and then eating it. It has been a cookie that has been developed in various ways, obtaining infinite variations, in addition to being used in different sweets, ice creams, and cakes.

What variations are there?

It is almost impossible to determine the number of variations that there are to prepare or consume Oreo cookies in the world, also from its innumerable number of flavors that change depending on the country where they can be consumed.

From the traditional way of eating it to eating them as chocolate bars, some ways to find them prepared or eat them in Venezuela are as follows:

  • Traditional Oreo - The original (chocolate cookies and vanilla cream).
  • Oreo Double Stuff - An Oreo cookie with more filling than the regular one.
  • McFlurry Oreo - The McDonald's restaurant chain introduced this concept for its McFlurry shake ice cream, mixing the cookies with vanilla ice cream, and with a chocolate and vanilla topping.
  • Oreo Milkshake - This is a Kraft Foods recipe consisting of Oreo cookies, milk, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup.


If talking about the different forms of presentation or consuming them becomes complex, the flavours that can be found in Venezuela is somewhat simpler since it does not have many variations. Here are some of them:

  • Chocolate Oreo - Chocolate Oreo cookie with traditional filling, its flavor is milder because the chocolate is not dark chocolate if not a light chocolate with a flavor very similar to a Venezuelan beverage called toddy.


  • Oreo Duo - Oreo combined with an original and a golden with cream in the middle of white and chocolate Oreo. There are other editions in strawberry or dulce de leche and chocolate.


  • Oreo Golden - Vanilla flavor with the traditional white filling. In some countries it is called Oreo Vanilla.


  • Oreos with colored cream - Instead of white cream, these Oreos contain cream painted in certain colors. They are sold at certain times of the year (orange for Halloween, red and green for Christmas, blue and yellow for spring, etc.).


  • Oreo Strawberry Yogurt - Chocolate Oreo cookie with strawberry yogurt filling. It is available in Venezuela as Oreo Merengada.

How did it get to Venezuela and what is its specific peculiarity in this territory?

As in the rest of the world, Oreo began to be distributed in the country since its inception, with Venezuela being one of the 5 countries where it is most consumed along with the United States, China, Canada, and Indonesia.

In Venezuela, there is a peculiarity and that is that it is the only country where Oreo light chocolate is produced, that is, the cookie is made from 100% Venezuelan cocoa, in addition to being in a light blue packaging, which distances it from the version original found all over the world.

This being the American Oreo type with more intense chocolate and dark blue package. These cookies have been produced at the Nabisco plant in Barquisimeto since 1980.

There is no doubt that Oreos are one of the most famous and best-known cookies in the world and of course Venezuela is not left out, rather we have a unique variation of them due to our incredible cocoa production. Would you dare to try the Venezuelan Oreos?

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