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About us

In Tu Esquina Venezolana, we pride ourselves in being an all-Venezuelan online store that’s looking to give the whole country a taste of our national cuisine. With the compromise to deliver only high-quality products, in August 2019 we started selling Venezuelan products all over across the state of Delaware. This idea came from the fact that we realized the huge rise of Venezuelan folks arriving to our state. Most of them aren’t able to find their local products easily, having to go through the trouble of ordering them from places like Miami, or only being able to bring them to the country whenever they traveled to Venezuela.


What kind of products will you find in our store?

For people who are already familiar with Venezuelan products and are looking for a taste of home, and for those who are new to this culinary experience, we have the widest array of ingredients and products available.


We have some of the most refreshing and mouth watering beverages like Frescolita soda, Nestea Lemon, Frica pear juice, Toddy chocolate mix and even powder milk from La Campiña. In our snack and candy section, we carry the Savoy Cri-Cri chocolate, Savoy strawberry Samba, Pirucream cans and Dulce de Leche and chocolate filled Toops. 


But we don’t only provide the ideal snack for those who consider themselves sweet-tooth. Don’t miss our cheese section to receive some of the most beloved Venezuelan cheeses like the Queso de Mano, Queso Guayanes, Queso Llanero in block or shredded and even dairy products such as the Nata Criolla.


Whether you live in the state or Delaware or any other place in the US, Tu Esquina Venezolana can be right at your door. Our store has both the experience and the capacity to handle all sorts of shipping to any city in the US in a matter of days.


¿Fan of Tu Esquina Venezolana but don’t live within the US borders? ¡No problem! We can also handle international shipments to send your delicious treats to practically any corner in the world.


Our undoubtedly mission is to connect people with their heritage or open up a door of culinary surprises for those who aren’t familiar yet with Venezuelan products. We want to reach places where it’s hard for people to get their traditional Venezuelan cravings fixed. So show your love for Venezuela and start scrolling through our online store, we’ll be here to assist you on your process and solve any doubts you have. Our catalog is continuously growing as we keep adding some of the most popular and solicited Venezuelan products, so you have a little piece of Venezuela sent right at your door.