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June 12, 2021

Venezuela has one of the most wide cuisines in the world. With a very eccentric blend of flavors as a result from the intense cultural mixed this country suffered throughout their history, it’s not uncommon to find dishes that serve all types of palates.

Venezuelans like to make use of very complex ingredients and make them a part of their meals along with the most simple and local foods in the world.

You only need to pay closer attention to their stews that include exotic fruits, their rare meats seasoned with European ingredients and their street food that’s considered as one of the best in the world.

The same thing happens with Venezuelan candies, treats and desserts. People from Venezuela might enjoy salty and even spicy dishes, but they’re also no strangers to their occasional sweets.

And just like it happens with the rest of the meals in this country, Venezuelan candies are made up from a very wide range of interesting flavors and even cooking techniques that bring us some of the best candies in the world.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out for yourself how is it that Venezuelan candies are a game changer for everyone that tastes them.

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What do people in Venezuela like to snack on?

People in Venezuela have a real appreciation for sweets and candies, and the reason for this is no secret.

This rich country is naturally filled from the most mouth-watering exotic fruits such as bananas, mangoes, papaya, cantaloupes, watermelon, passion fruit, guanabana, guava and even the most rare fruits like coruba;

so even from early pre hispanic times people liked to indulge in a sweet bite after their meals or even to prepare beverages.

This abundance of fruit made up for a culture where people like to enjoy desserts and snacks before or after their meals.


Venezuelan snacks can be either salty or sweet. If you’re having an appetite for salty snacks, it’s not hard to find some soda club cookies that can be dipped on basically any type of sauce or dip (even a fresh ceviche), and you can even snack on a bag of banana chips, which have a crispy and salty flavor.

But when it comes to snacks it’s safe to say Venezuelans rather eat some precious sweet things. Bread, cookies and bars are some of the most common types of candies that can’t miss on any Venezuelan home.


Venezuelan desserts

Venezuelan desserts are very elaborate but are cooked by almost every family in the country, because Venezuelan moms love to spoil their families with decadent sweet dishes as a good way to end their meals.

You can find desserts made from a single fruit, baked goods and preparations that all include sweeteners such as sugar, sugar cane or syrup.

Venezuelans love to eat chocolate, so much that it’s almost one of the most basic ingredients when it comes to cookies and bread in one of many varieties.


Among some popular Venezuelan desserts we can find jalea de mango -a jam from ripe mangoes and sugar-, dulce de lechosa, arroz con leche -which is a popular dessert made from rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon-, papitas de leche -the softest and lightest sugar and milk puffers-, quesillo -

which you  can also identify as flan-, golfeados -rolled bread filled with queso de mano-, soft guava, orange or banana bites, huevos chimbos -spongy dough made from egg yolk and soft liquor- and the delicious polvorosas -crumbly and small sugary cookies-.

Like these, you can find hundreds of recipes for Venezuelan desserts, proving once and for all that these folks really do have a sweet tooth and love to create new dishes.

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Venezuelan candies

Sure, we know Venezuelans know how to make some of the most decadent desserts you can find, using the most exquisite and exotic ingredients, but if you’re looking for a quick sugar fix, there’s also plenty of options available for you.

Venezuelan candies are also known by the name of “chucherías”, and this is the perfect word to describe them because they are, in fact, tiny and random pieces of pure flavor.

Venezuelan candies tend to be presented in the shape of cookies, crunchy bars, chocolate bars, candy bars and occasionally sweet bread.

There’s nutmeg and hazelnut bars, crunchy cookies filled with cream, bars filled with coconut, chocolate tips with different toppings, cream chocolate in a tube to “slurp it out”, white chocolate bars and tiny chocolate balls.


But we could probably say that the most popular Venezuelan candy out there is the Pirucream. Pirucream is a rolled wafer cookie that was born in the 80’s and are now one of the most widely distributed Venezuelan cookies.

The best thing about Pirucream wafer cookies is that they come filled in a very wide range of flavors or ingredients: chocolate and hazelnut, coconut, double chocolate, strawberry and many more. 


If there’s something Venezuela knows how to do well it’s cooking. And if you’re particularly curious about how Venezuela does things when it comes to sweet treats, then you might be in for a surprise.

Let your inner child come out and don’t hesitate to try some of the best cookies, candy bars, chocolate bars, chocolate creams and sweet breads that come straight from this beautiful country.

Once your mouth gets to know the sweet filling of a Pirucream, your life will never be the same. No other chocolate will taste as good once you snack on Toronto chocolate balls. All in all, once you have  Venezuelan candy, all candy will lack taste!

It’s true that Venezuelan candies are very classic in presentation but filled with original flavors and combinations.

It doesn’t matter what you’d like to try first, we assure you people who love desserts will have a blast enjoying Venezuelan candies.

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