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September 27, 2022

When our customers have bought our Wilderdog Food bag, we've seen their unique ways to use the bag. We thought that you'd want to learn how this bag can benefit you. And it's not just for keeping dog food!

This bag reduces the requirement for single-use plastic bags to keep pet food. It will also benefit you in a variety of other ways.

We teamed up with a few people who assisted us in putting the blog together to show how versatile the bag as well as cup can be.

How Can You Use Your Wilderdog Food bag?

Its Wilderdog Food bag is the ideal solution for carrying your dog's meals throughout your travels. It's long gone of plastic sandwich bags, which are ideal for those with a large dog like me carrying around four sandwiches and kibble bags isn't the ideal solution! 

The durable fabric and waterproof lining design make it perfect for the outdoors, but it also is a look-alike of the adventure bag. It comes in two different colors, maroon and khaki, and the Aztec banding look. The most appealing thing about this bag is its many applications we've discovered for it. Here are my top four ways to make use of this bag: Wilderdog Food bag:

1 - If it's good enough for my dogs food, it's good enough for mine!

As a frequent outdoor adventurer whether with or with the dog I realized that the bag was perfect for me to carry my own food items when I went mountain biking. 

Thanks to its waterproof lining, it helped keep my sandwiches dry and my backpack clear of food spills Not to mention that the kibble cups double as the perfect cup to drink coffee from! Note: I recommend washing the bag first . Cheese sandwiches that contain a hint of Forthglade Salmon kibble isn't ideal.

2 - The perfect dry bag for all your gadgets! 

Being in the UK is a challenge, as every adventure can be accompanied by rain. I quickly began using this bag in order to ensure that my camera was phone dry. Camera bags are fantastic however they're not always waterproof, and they can be a hassle to carry when you go for a walk. 

The waterproof lining on the Wilderdog Food bag as well as its buckle that folds down ensures that the contents are protected from rain that might be creeping in. Its compact design makes it simple to roll up the bag and carry it if you are fortunate enough to stay clear of rain showers!

3- A wet bag for anything that's, well … wet!

We’ve all been there, a long walk in the rain playing fetch or perhaps your fur friend loves to roll in every puddle, either way if its anything like our walks, it all results in wet collars and muddy tennis balls! After your fur friend enjoyed their kibble, put all the wet collars, toys & tennis balls in the bag and keep all of your own things dry!

4 - Wear the bag with style

On top of all these uses, we’ve also found that once we’re out into the wild and enjoying some off lead fun, we clip the lead onto the bottom hoop of the bag and clip the release buckle of the bag through the handle of the lead.. and hey, presto - you have a cross body bag! Leaving your hands free, to of course, pay more attention to throwing the ball for your dog!

Poppy Agrees:

Wilderdog Food bag, Without even knowing what Emily has been doing with her bag Poppy has also been using it as a camera bag. They've found the bag is so far 100% waterproof so they take the cameras in it all the time, especially if they go out on the river/rainy walks.

Poppy uses the mug all the time for Bonsai's kibble, it helps them every day to scoop out the right amount of food.

Best Wilderdog Food bag

This Wilderdog Food bag is the perfect option to carry your pet's food throughout your adventures. There's no need to waste plastic Ziplock bags. Take kibble from home, then roll them down, snap together, and then head out on a journey!

The pet food carrier that is portable is also equipped with a stainless steel cup to divide your pet's food. The handle on the side or top handle make it easy to carry along with a second loop that you can attach the Backpacking Bowl to.

Its Wilderdog Food bag is able to be packed according to the amount of kibble packed to make it a space-saving style it holds approximately 40 cups or 5lbs. of kibble once it is full. It's water-resistant to withstand any adventure. Wilderdog Food bag has come up with a variety of ideas for this bag for dogs.

Let your dog rest comfortably in the midst of adventures by giving him a cozy mattress.