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November 21, 2021

The diet of Venezuelan babies is generally based on breastfeeding, but as they grow up, they incorporate new foods that complement their diet, generally, these are made of rice or wheat, so they are full of new nutrients. Sometimes they consume these foods even as adults to remember their childhood. Let's start with “Crema de arroz”.

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Crema de arroz

What is the crema de arroz?

It is a rice-based powder that contains various vitamins, minerals and is gluten-free. To prepare this product, start by heating milk and then slowly add the cream of rice powder, whisking constantly so as not to create lumps. Finally, this mixture will take on a creamy or pasty texture and is ready to be consumed. 

How can the crema de arroz be enjoyed?

It is ideal for breakfast, snack, or dinner for children, because of its high nutritional value it is common for mothers to give this to their children frequently, either every day or several times a week.

It is also ideal for thickening baby bottles or other foods because it behaves similarly to cornstarch, a portion of food that we will talk about later. It also serves as a complement to chicha, which we will talk about next. 

"El chichero".

What is "El chichero"?

It is a very well-known brand of chicha in Venezuela for the great time it has been in the market and for its successful flavor that is maintained over time. This is a drink based on rice and milk, which has a sweet flavor and is generally thick.

This brand brings this drink in different presentations, either liquid but in different sizes, or in powder which one can prepare at home.

How can "El chichero" be enjoyed?

This drink is served cold, so it is ideal for hot days or when you have a craving for something sweet.

Young children usually enjoy it as a snack after school or as a complement to breakfast. For babies, it is usually ideal to replace the bottles when the child is a little older.

And as adults, it is traditional to consume it after leaving the university, as an accompaniment to a fast-food meal in a bakery or just to reduce the craving to eat something sweet.

Let's go ahead and talk about cornstarch.

Maizena (Cornstarch)

What is cornstarch?

It is a starch that comes from corn, which is used as a thickener for chocolates, sauces, creams, soaps, bottles, or flour to make various preparations such as bread, pizza dough, pasta, cakes, among many other things.

How can cornstarch be enjoyed?

The multiple uses of cornstarch are infinite, but one of the most common in Venezuela is to thicken baby bottles since the flavor of cornstarch does not change at all the flavor of the preparations.

It is important to highlight that cornstarch is ideal for celiac people, so its use is ideal for them to enjoy various foods that in their usual preparation contain gluten.

Finally, we have the Cerelac

The Cerelac

What is Cerelac?

It is powder-based on wheat, milk, 12 types of vitamins, and 5 types of minerals. It is prepared in the same way as the cream of rice, by boiling milk and when it is hot enough, Cerelac is added slowly until a completely liquid drink without lumps is obtained. It is quite common for babies to consume this cereal as a complement to their bottles.

How can Cerelac be enjoyed?

This drink can be consumed cold, hot, or warm, so it is ideal to be consumed at many times of the day or on different occasions. It is generally consumed by children as breakfast and sometimes as a snack.

Older adults also consume it frequently because of all the nutrients it provides and that they need so much at this age. Although there is no age to consume this delicious and traditional drink.

Have you already decided which one to try?

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